Prohitter Batting Aid

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  • Use the PROHITTER for advanced grip technique.

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Mastering The Grip-Tech Of A Pro 

1. PROHITTER produces quick hands, faster wrist turns, increasing bat speed and power.

2. Hit for a higher batting average, with more pop and greater consistency!

3. Most pro players are batting with PROHITTER for the advanced grip technique.

4. PROHITTER also provides the best batting sting reduction.

5. More than 50% of baseballs’ best pro players get big hits wearing PROHITTER!

PROHITTER® is a durable, rubber-like resin which, when worn correctly on the thumb of the top hand holding the bat, creates the correct grip technique to increase your bat speed, power and bat control. It also prevents a batter from getting stung or bone bruises when a batter gets jammed with an inside pitch. A large percentage of baseball's best pro players are using PROHITTER® to help increase their hitting performance.

For baseball and softball, with or without a batting glove, with wood or aluminum bats. Fits both right and left handed players. ProHitter® product holds five U.S. patents. U.S. Patent #6,260,198, U.S. Patent #6,389,596, U.S. Patent #6,799,329, U.S. Patent #6,696,849, U.S. Patent #7,484,248.

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