Rip-It reVision Black Out Pro Batters Face Guard (Softball) - RIPBO

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Meet your full potential.

The RIP-IT reVision Pro batter's face guard has become a vital piece of gear for softball players everywhere. Some of the most crucial moments in any game take place at the plate. Being able to see the ball with clarity has a direct impact on how well you make contact with it. This is why we designed the reVision Pro face guard with vision in mind. 

Vision is important, but to avoid falling short in other important areas, we decided to design the reVision Pro softball batter's face guard with even more amazing features. The reVision Pro is extremely lightweight, and offers a universal fit on the largest selection of helmets to meet the needs of anyone who wears it.

Blackout Technology.

Creating an open design was not enough. As with everything we design, we strived to push the envelope of what is widely accepted. Good isn't good enough at RIP-IT, so we created an experience for players on the field that no other face guard could offer. Blackout Technology is like eye black for your equipment, but better. It is a RIP-IT exclusive technology that coats the inside bars of the face guard with a special matte coating. This coating eliminates 100% of the reflective glare that reflects off of the reVision Pro batter's face guard. This feature allows you to see the ball with unbelievable clarity, giving you the chance to meet your full potential.

  • Blackout Technology eliminates glare so you never lose sight of the ball
  • All hardware, instructions and chin strap included
  • Best field of vision eliminates blind spots on every pitch
  • Ultra-light weight keeps you quick while running
  • Meets NOCSAE performance standards for softball use only
  • Fits most major brands