Schutt AiR Steel Softball Faceguard - 12310

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Product details

The newest batter's guards from Schutt, feature an innovative, 3-point installation system, with larger openings and higher mounts to make it easier to get the helmet on and off.

Solid Steel

The AiR-Steel™ Batter’s Guards exceed NOCSAE standards, with a unique “over-the-bill” installation and solid steel construction.

Field of vision
We’ve forged solid steel strength into the AiR-Steel™ Batter’s Guards and that has enabled us to open them up, increasing your field of vision. The Softball Guard features a full 2 1/4” opening, while the Batter’s Guard has a 1 5/8” opening. You’ll see more and you’ll see it faster, with no obstructions.

Our AiR-Steel™ Batter’s Guard is as easy to install as 1-2-3. The guard is attached to the helmet with 3 pre-drilled holes. The only tool needed is a Phillips screwdriver. 

Meets NOCSAE Standards