Easton Z5 2.0 Solid Senior Batting Helmet w/Universal Jaw Guard -Z520MATTEJAW

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  • Overview
  • Increase your confidence at the plate with the Z5 2.0 Matte Helmet with Universal Jaw Guard. Providing extra coverage to the sleek Z5 2.0, the Universal Jaw Guard protects the batter on the side of the helmet facing the pitcher. The universal design of th

Product details

Full Specifications

SR: 7-1/8 - 7-1/2
Matte Finish
Facemask Compatibility
Universal Baseball Softball Mask 2.0, Universal Softball Only Mask 2.0
Jaw Guard Compatibility
Extended Jaw Guard in Left Hand Batting or Right Hand Batting, Universal Jaw Guard
Also Compatible With
Universal Padding Fit Kit, Universal Facemask Hardware Kit, Chin Strap
SEI Certification
NOCSAE ND022 Newly Manufactured Baseball/Softball Batter's Helmet
Certified As
BZ5-04SR + UJG-01OS, BZ5-04JR + UJG-01OS

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