Marucci Youth Padded Baseball Slider -MASLCP

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The Marucci Youth Padded Sliding Shorts with Cup are designed for protection and comfort. These awesome Marucci Sliders features and elastic stretch waistband, anti-microbial fabric, stretch spandex fabric and quilted sponge side panels for extra sliding protection. The Marucci Youth Padded Sliding Shorts also come with an integrated cup pockets and cup so you don’t have to layer up the sliders with a cup supporter.

• Spandex fabric for ease of movement

• Anti-microbial, moisture management fabric

• Quilted sponge side panels

• Elastic stretch waistband

• Integrated cup pocket with cup

• 82% polyester, 11% spandex, 7% sponge padding

Marucci Youth Padded Sliding Short w/ Cup MASLCP